According to management experts the single greatest key to productivity is happy employees.

It was a long held belief that money is what creates happy employees. While employees want to be fairly compensated for their efforts they also want to be challenged, treated with respect, and offered the chance to associate with other employees outside of the workplace environment. Creating a team-building “atmosphere” will mean less turnover of employees, less stress and will promote stability within the company. Remember: Happy employees ensure happy management.

What better way to encourage team-building for your staff then to bring them to Kamloops Paintball Games for an afternoon of the most fun they will have together? We see many groups of employees talking about the action and adrenaline which comes from playing Paintball. You know they are loving it and will have tons of memories to look back upon long after they leave the field. Many employers make it an annual event to bring their staff because Paintball is fun, safe, and afforadable. We have BBQ facilities to use at your leisure so if food AND fun is on your menu then you need to give us a call for more information.

Help keep your employees happy with their workplace. Help promote friendships between employees and management by creating fun events for them to do OUTSIDE of the workplace. Call or contact us today for ways to promote team-building within your organization through Paintball.

You can also create a great rivalry with a competitor by challenging them to a match at our Paintball field. Possibly offering a prize for the team that wins the most games. Wouldn’t it be great bragging rights to claim that you defeated your competition on the battlefield of Kamloops Paintball!

Our high profile guests include the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club, Cirq du Soleil Productions and Jason Aldean & crew. These professional organizations realize the value of team-building and keeping your employees happy.