Field Rules

Field Rules:

  1. Must be at least 10 years of age to play;
  2. Signed waiver forms are required to play. Parent/guardian must sign on behalf of any one under the age of 18 years;
  3. Maximum field velocity 285 fps (feet per second);
  4. Field paint only- no exceptions. Any violations of this rule will void the day pass; **See Below
  5. Facemasks must be worn on the field at all times! If your mask fogs, call a referee. Do not take it off!
  6. No shooting at field signs, wildlife or referees especially if referee is assisting an active game player;
  7. Keep safety on at all times before & after games;
  8. Keep guns and masks off the ground & paintballs out of sunlight;
  9. Do not pick up paintballs which have dropped on wet ground or are dirty as debris can damage valve;
  10. All players start at designated points and cannot begin until the game begins with a horn blast;
  11. Games start with a single horn blast & end with multiple horn blasts. No more shooting at the end;
  12. Paint “spray” is not a hit. A hit, or “tag”, is a ball break and paint visible near the impact area;
  13. Yell “paint check” and a referee will assist you to confirm a ball breaking on your back;
  14. No advancing on a player who calls a referee to assist them until the referee says ok;
  15. If a player is eliminated while carrying the flag, the player must drop that flag immediately;
  16. When eliminated, exit the playing field with a hand in the air to avoid being re-tagged;
  17. Respect the other players. Use the mercy rule if you are 10ft. or less from them. Do not mercy multiple opponents! Aim for the lower body/shoes if you must take a close shot;
  18. Dead men don’t talk! No hints to others if you are tagged out;
  19. Marker/hopper hits count as an elimination;
  20. Don’t shoot at eliminated players leaving the game. Hand or marker in the air indicates you are not in play;
  21. Please keep all garbage off the field/parking area. Paint bags must be retrieved from field after use;
  22. No smoking except in designated parking area. Alcohol/drug consumption is prohibited on the field, neutral zone and parking area.

Kamloops Paintball was the first Paintball field in B.C. to drop the paintball price below the 10 cent per ball threshold in 2000. Since then we have been consistently lowering the prices to the super-low price of 5 cents per ball and even less when purchased in cases (2000 paintballs). Our paintball quality has not suffered, in fact we are always testing new brands of paintballs to find better quality for our customers without having to increase prices. We only use fresh paintballs at our field to ensure the paint breaks on the target and not in the gun.

**There are many reasons why we do not permit bringing your own paintballs to the field. It is crucial that paintballs be fresh. Being a fully insured field, our insurance stipulates that we use only our own approved paintballs. We would have no guarantee of how a paintball has been stored if we allowed players to use their own. Unless we provide them there is no way to guarantee the balls are not several months old. Paintballs that sit for long periods of time have a tendency to either not break easily (causing a welt on the person it hits) or break too easily (causing the barrel to need cleaning).
For these reasons we must control what types of paintballs are used.

Our field chronographs each marker at least once daily. This applies to both our rental units and customers personal gear. The maximum field velocity is 285fps (feet per second). Our referees are experienced in making sure your marker will perform as it should at legal limits. At Kamloops Paintball your safety is our first concern.