Scenario Sunday

One of our most popular days is the final Sunday of each month.

On that day we have our Scenario Sunday event which draws many players from around the region. It might have something to do with our lower paint prices, or it might be our free prizes(paint/grenades) which are scattered around the field in ammo boxes. Maybe its popular because the day is non-stop action and you can take a break from the games when you decide. Whatever the reason, the Scenario game side of Paintball is HUGE and the bushball side of Paintball is emerging as a force within the sport that many companies and fields are taking notice of.

We choose to offer the last Sunday of each month at our field for a special day of Scenario play. Two teams are chosen and each team selects a player as a General. That person is responsible for team decisions in a game scenario. The General has final say on matters such as player movements, strategy and missions carried out by the players. On the field, each team has a Sargeant who is the eyes and ears for the General and carries out the orders from their team base. The Sargent is a “take charge” role and also must deal with the opposing team in negotiations for the swapping of players who have been captured by the opposing team. Other players assisting the Seargent include a Medic who heals players on the battlefield. Privates carry out the missions and comprise the bulk of the players.

Players wanting to use a communication device are encouraged to bring them. The team that communicates better tends to win more games so keep that in mind. During the day we will have several theme based missions which will stimulate one’s skills on the field and in the strategy and execution of each mission. If you have a scenario that you would like to see used you can be submitted for consideration (please submit it by mid-month). If you wish to be a General for the scenario event please let us know by emailing or calling us.