Is Paintball Safe?

Paintball is very safe.

Our field referees will provide you with a formal safety briefing prior to your first game. It will include such requirements as: never remove your face mask while o­n the field, leave your rental marker in the target area, and numerous other field rules and regulations.

Our field referees will assist players with equipment, perform paint “checks” of players and make sure the game is timed and fair. If necessary it is at the referees discretion to deal with a violation of our rules and this may result in the player being required to sit out the next game or even being ejected from the field for the day.

The safety of our customers is our first priority and our staff are fair but do not expect them to deal with safety violations lightly. There are risks when playing at an un-supervised location so please be aware of the field rules that should apply to all games regardless of location. These rules can be viewed on our “Field Rules” page.

When played properly, paintball is rated amongst the safest sports in the world by insurance companies. Come see what you’ve been missing, you won’t be disappointed!