Paintball Game Types


This game is based upon a single flag, placed at a point mid-way between two bases. Each team starts at the base and in this game “possession” is the key so getting to the hanging flag FIRST and taking it to the enemy base is the goal. This game is the way to start the day as it forces the players to take an offensive stance which allows the players to experience the fast paced action they come to expect.


This is a modification of a game we like to play as it can be very exciting and make for some of the most adrenaline producing fun anyone will have short of jumping out of an airplane. The game starts and one team is tasked with defending a fort structure. To make this tougher, the defenders must stay within a certain distance from the base for the first 10 minutes. The last minutes of the game they are free to go as far away from the base as they choose. The attackers, one of whom wears a “bomb belt” must get close to the base in order to allow the bomb carrier to touch the base and in doing so, “destroy” the fort. If the attackers do not touch the base in the time allotted the defenders are considered victorious.

PREDATOR- PREY (also known as ZOMBIE)

This is an interesting game. Four predators are released into the forest to hide. Then the rest of the crew is sent in to find them. Once a predator is eliminated they are out and have to leave. But if a Predator takes out a prey, the prey player becomes a new Predator. Thus the object of the game for the Predator is to increase and proliferate, while the object for the prey is to take out all the predators. This can get to be pretty interesting, the new prey players are meant to start as prey at a certain point so as to keep the game flowing without confusion.


In this classic battle re-make we have one team located in a base (usually sniper tower). This base would be considered the “beach head”, we even run a line of marking tape out from the base to indicate where the shoreline is. The attacking team, coming from one direction, approaches hidden behind sheets of 4′ x 8′ plywood with handles. Two players from behind the sheet move the “landing boat” forward using the handles while shielding the other players from paintball fire from the beach. At any point before the shoreline the plywood sheets are dropped and the players behind it scatter to available bunkers while dodging fire and returning fire of their own. The object is to take the beach by eliminating all players on the other team. The beach team must do the same and eliminate the attacking players in order to be victorious.


In this game we created at KPG we have our area 51 being the main base of play. This base is designated as the “Nuke Facility” and the round reactor in the center of the area is the target. The attacking team must eliminate players and get close enough to pull a smoke grenade (supplied by us) and put it on the reactor indicating the reactor has been destroyed. 20,000 cubic feet of smoke will come out of the grenade in 2-3 minutes so everyone will know that objective is complete. As well, there is a special case that carries nuke plans that must be retrieved. It is the job of the team defending the area to tag out all attackers and prevent the destruction of the reactor. This game is played with groups of 15+ players only due to the size of the field being used.


Two flags are used in this classic version of a timeless paintball game. The goal is to reach the enemy fortification and grab their flag, and return it to your base. The other team will be tasked with the same so time is of the essence. It is not necessary for your flag to be at the base when you return with the opponents flag. It is important to divide your team into attackers and defenders so that your flag station is not undefended and taking the flag will not be so easy for the opposing team.


This game is one that we use for smaller groups or to use up remaining paint at the end of the day. Two teams start from opposing sides of the field. One horn starts both groups moving towards each other. There is no shooting until the second horn blast (decided by a referee) and no player may stop moving forward until that second horn sounds. Basically the referee waits until the teams are a reasonable distance apart and then sounds the air horn meaning all hell breaks loose as players scramble for cover and to take shots at their opponents. This game is one that usually has unlimited re-generation so a player will simply return to their base to re-spawn and come back in and is finished when their paint runs out.