What is Paintball?

Paintball is a combination of many childhood games such as tag, capture the flag, and hide & seek.

Using air powered paintball markers, each team competes in a designated game scenario (there are many). Paintball games have become recognized as one of the worlds safest and most exciting outdoor sports. Paintballs are gelatin-coated, non-toxic, completely biodegradeable, and are water soluble. Is it safe? ABSOLUTELY!!

Paintball is rated by insurance corporations to be safer than sports such as golf, bowling and even tennis. If you are still waiting to try Paintball then you have waited too long and need to experience the adrenaline rush which the sport has to offer. Ask someone who has played it before…over 95% who participate say they LOVE it and want to play again!

Paintball is a sport played by people from all professions and lifestyles. It is a sport where women and men, boys and girls all compete equally, and where age is not dominated by youth. Qualities such as intelligence and determination are more important than physical size and strength. Paintball is very much a character-building sport. Players learn the importance of teamwork and gain self confidence while developing leadership abilities.

Above all, Paintball is VERY EXCITING! It gives each of us an opportunity to set aside our daily routine and enjoy a fun-filled day participating in many game scenarios, meeting new friends, and having lots of stories to tell others!